The Graduate Program

Director of Graduate Studies:

Prof. Nadia Urbinati

Politicial Science, ICLS

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212-854-3977; 719 IAB, Mail Code: 3320

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Concentrations and Certificates in Comparative Literature and Society are granted in conjunction with several affiliated departments (see affiliated department list). The Institute for Comparative Literature and Society (ICLS) is the only entity that can grant formal recognition of the Concentration or Certificate in Comparative Literature and Society for Ph.D. students in participating departments. Students must satisfy all requirements for a participating department's doctorate in both their primary discipline and in the concentration or certificate in Comparative Literature and Society, and their transcripts reflect this fact.

The training in a home discipline establishes the intellectual and linguistic foundation for comparative study and constitutes an important asset for later professional activity. Students in the language and literature departments, English, and Classics are eligible to earn the Ph.D. in the home department with a Concentration in Comparative Literature and Society. Students in other humanities departments, social sciences departments, and the Schools of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, and Law earn degrees in the home department and/or program and a Certificate in Comparative Literature and Society.


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