My main interests are in ethics and social philosophy, as well as ancient philosophy and Chinese philosophy. I want to work on questions about a person’s individuality in the social world in Liberalism, Hegelian philosophy and Confucianism, axiology in market systems and ecosystems in Marxism and Daoism, and meanings in the cosmos in Western and Eastern ancient thought. I am also interested in the relationship between morality and art in Greek philosophy, Chinese poetics and musicology, and German aesthetics.

In addition to the PhD in philosophy, I am taking a certificate in the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society. During my undergraduate education, I focused on ethics and moral philosophy in coursework, led the Critical Theory Workshop after class, and studied abroad in Frankfurt. My senior thesis was on the scope of community in the ethics of Aristotle and Confucius, advised by Richard Kraut. In my hometown Beijing, I have audited courses on Neo-Confucianism, Private Property Right, Chinese Classics Exegesis, and Chinese Etymology.