I am a second-year graduate student focusing on works of literature within the Black diaspora with a concentration on the use of language in the Caribbean (specifically creoles and patois) and how the text communicates, emphasizes or represents diglossia. My current project focuses on interrupting the perception of what is described as Black vernacular English (AAVE) and what Kamau Brathwaite describes as "Nation Language" in a transnational context focusing on how perceptions of language shapes monolithic perceptions of Black identity. I was also the co-organizer of The Cost of Freedom Conference in May of 2017 at CUNY Brooklyn College entitled "Debt and Slavery" further complicating the perceptions and deceptions involved in the ideologies that support freedom, because "freedom" is always conditional. My latest project is a compilation of the conference papers that we have curated to create a book that addresses the continuity that presently exists in our collective histories. My next project focuses on the relationship between music, sexuality, polyphony, language, homophobia, and violence in "A Brief History of Seven Killings" by Marlon James.