Research Interests: Language politics; transnational/transregional revolutions; intellectual history of the Algerian war; Francophone Caribbean and North African literature, history, politics, and philosophy; 20th and 21st century French and Francophone poetry; postcolonialism; Orientalism; gender theory; translation theory; diaspora studies

Fluency in: French, Italian

Working on fluency in: Modern Standard Arabic, Tunisian Darija, Moroccan Darija, Algerian Darija, German, Spanish, Cantonese

Courses taught: Elementary French 1 (FREN 1101, Fall 2017)
Elementary French 2 (FREN 1102, Spring 2018)

Previous Degrees: B.A. in French, International Relations, and Economics (Wellesley College, 2014, summa cum laude).

Honors thesis title: Défenseurs des idéaux républicains français ? : La remise en cause de l’identité des intellectuels anticolonialistes pendant la guerre d’Algérie