Current Courses

Key to course listings: 1xxx, 2xxx, and 3xxx listings are undergraduate courses; 4xxx listings are generally open to advanced undergraduates and to graduates; 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx, and 9xxx listings are graduate courses. (Please note: courses that are cross-listed as CPLS courses from other departments have five digit course numbers that begin with 8. In the case of these courses, the second digit in the five digit course number indicates the level of course, i.e. undergraduate or graduate, as described above).

Please be sure to consult with the Director of Graduate Studies or the Director of Undergraduate Studies for advice on choosing these courses, to ensure that they are properly credited. Please note that some courses may require special permissions or prerequisites - consult with the department offering the course.

While we update this list frequently, please refer to the Directory of Classes for the most current information. Fall 2015 listings are subject to change.

Printer-friendly pdf of Fall 2015 CPLS and CLPS courses


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