As part of the Rethinking the Human Sciences seminar series, the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society is proud to present: The Epistemology of Cave Art – a Doxic Investigation, a talk by Mats Rosengren (Philosopher and Professor of Rhetoric, School of Culture and Education, Sodertorn University, Sweden)

In the late 19th century in northern Spain and southern France, prehistoric mural paintings and engravings were discovered. This talk inquires into some of the epistemic questions that this rich and much debated material has created. Focusing on the historical and scientific circumstances and on the epistemic and perceptual problems surrounding the discovery of the Altamira cave, Rosengren traces the outline of the doxa of cave art studies and suggests, with the help of both Cornelius Castoriadis’s concept of technique and Ernst Cassirer’s notion of symbolic form, a yet untried way out of the hermeneutical impasse where the interpretation of the Paleolithic pictures finds itself today.