The Dara Shikoh Fellowship, currently entering its third year, aims to bring together individuals across varied disciplines and backgrounds for a month-long immersive experience in August that allows them to interact with local students, artists, craftsmen, writers, and theatre practitioners. Each Fellow will bring to the program an independent project that creatively engages with the region, and will have the opportunity to collaborate with experts in the field within Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh to build upon the project over the course of the program.

Those applying to the Fellowship are encouraged to bring their personal experiences and academic interests to the region. Applications are due by 28th February, 2018 and can be found on the Fellowship website. Previous Fellows have worked on understanding Islamic manuscripts and Kangra miniatures in the light of contemporary strides in art and on comparisons between cultural spaces in Cairo and Srinagar.

The focus for the 2018 Fellowship is Ladakh and intersections between art and ecology. Faced with climate change and tourism, the region is experiencing a loss of cultural and environmental identity amidst rapid commercialization. Fellows will be expected to work on independent projects exploring these dynamics and will have the option to display their work through events and workshops or to organise panels and seminars to further delve into their areas of interest.

At the culmination of the program, Dara Shikoh Fellows will be expected to produce a piece which best crystallises their experience: this could be a work of literature, a painting, a work of craft or any other creatively inspired piece that will feature in the Centre’s annual publication. The Dara Shikoh Centre for the Arts will continue to maintain a robust and sustained engagement with Fellows after the completion of the program, providing mentorship opportunities and access to resources within the region.