The Institute for Comparative Literature and Society is pleased to announce that a team including ICLS Director Lydia H. Liu, Dr. Smaranda Muresan of the Computer Science Department and the Data Science Institute, and Mellon-Sawyer Postdoctoral Fellow Isabelle Zaugg has been awarded a Collaboratory Fellows Fund grant to develop a team-taught course entitled “Multilingual Technologies and Language Diversity.”  The three-year award from the Data Science Institute will support the development of this 4000-level cross-disciplinary course that addresses the challenge of scaling natural language processing technologies, developed mostly for English, to the rich diversity of human languages.  This project grows out of the Mellon-Sawyer Seminar on Global Language Justice and will bring data and computational literacy about multilingual technologies to humanities students, while also exposing computer science and data science students to ethical, cultural, and policy issues within the context of multilingual technologies.  The course meets the goals of the Collaboratory Fellows Fund by establishing an interdisciplinary teaching team and mixed cohort of students for maximum cross-fertilization and engagement.  The grant will cover development and integration of the class into the recurrent course offerings of both ICLS and the Computer Science Department.  The course will first be offered in the 2019-2020 academic year.  The team welcomes your insights and interest in the project as they undertake initial course development this Fall.