Please join us in warmly congratulating the 2018 recipients of honors and prizes in Comparative Literature and Society and Medicine, Literature and Society.


A complete list of all ICLS graduating majors and honorees will follow when “Latin” honors are announced.


Departmental Honors in Comparative Literature & Society 

& Medicine, Literature & Society

Columbia College & the School of General Studies award departmental honors to excellent students who have written an outstanding senior thesis in their major.


Honors are limited to 10% of the graduating class. Given the excellence of all the theses produced this year we only wish that we could recognize many more members of our outstanding cohort.


Comparative Literature & Society 

Sophie Bridges

“”If You Keep Your Mouth Shut, You’ll Be Surprised What You Can Learn”:

Voice, Narration, and the Novel in the Podcast S-Town”


Anish Gawande

“Rethinking Ceddo: Léopold Sédar Senghor, Sembéne Ousmane and the

Politics of Orthography in Post-Independence Senegal”


Madeleine Leddy

“Lettres trilingues: l’alternance morphosyntaxique en litterature marocaine d’expression française”


Nihal Shetty

“But Good People Don’t Kill”: Babel at the Limits of Ethics”



Medicine, Literature & Society

Adam Lee John

“Imperial Complicity: Du Bois’s Pro-Japanese Imagination vis à vis Korean Ethno-nationalism/Anti-colonialism”


We also wish to congratulate two ICLS majors who have won top honors in Slavic Studies:


Venya Gushchin

2018 Robert A Maguire Prize in Slavic Studies


Maria Morales

2018 American Council of Teachers of Russian Prize


Venya, Maria and Nihal have also been inducted into Dobro Slovo: the Slavic National Honors Society.


2018 Catherine Medalia Johannet Memorial Prize

This prize is conferred annually in memory of MLS graduate Catherine Medalia Johannet (CC 2015) to a Comparative Literature & Society or Medicine, Literature & Society (MLS) major who has written a distinguished senior thesis that demonstrates the highest academic rigor, creativity and engagement with ethical questions.


The 2018 prize is awarded to 2 students:

Grace Alford-Hamburg

“#Criminal: Trump, Macron, and the Discourse of Deportability”


Josue Chavez

“Translation Aesthetics: Making Legible the Home-yet-to-come as

an Instance of the Event Before the Multiplication of Labor”


2018 Catherine Medalia Johannet Summer Intern Fellowship

The Institute for Comparative Literature and Society awards the Catherine Medalia Johannet Summer Fellowship annually to a CPLS or MLS major to support internships or volunteer work relevant to the field of literature and/or medical humanities.


The 2018 (inaugural) fellowship is awarded to:

Daniella Apodaca, who will intern at the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center as a legal assistant and translator from Spanish and French.


Finally, we also take this opportunity to congratulate Ewoma Ogbaudu, who has won a King’s Crown Leadership and Excellence Award for helping to design the Marginalization in Medicine course with Rishi Goyal.