On May 3rd, ICLS hosted the inaugural Senior Thesis Presentations event in Maison Française. The graduating seniors (CC ’17) shared their works on literature, culture, and society. Here is the list of presentations:

Jacquelyn Kovarik: “ASOFAMD Dice Nunca Más: Families Fighting for Truth, Memory, and Justice in La Paz, Bolivia” (On May 8 at 1 p.m., we’ll be screening Jacquelyn Kovarik’s documentary of the same title in the Heyman Center Common Room.)

Dillon Lerach: “«Qui m’entendrait, si je criais?» et «Une voix presque mienne»: La fuite de la tradition poétique allemande dans la poésie de Ingeborg Bachmann, de Paul Celan, et Rainer Maria Rilke”

Cooper Lynn: “Post-Soviet Hyphenation: Crafting a Cohesive Identity in Contemporary Russian-American Fiction”

Caleb Murray-Bozeman: “Towards a Decolonial Cinematic Language.”

Julian Nebreda-Bello: The Culture of Modernity and the Magical Petrostate: National Myths and Political Identities in Venezuelan Culture 1935-1958”

Giselle Robledo: “Borges Maps the Infinite: Allegories of the Dissolution of the Self and Language”

Rachel Taratuta-Titus: “Music, Spectacle, and Jews in 19th Century European Representation”

Kylie Warner: “Elizabeth Bowen and Anna Akhmatova: Trauma and the Image of the “Deserted” House in Post-Revolutionary Ireland and Russia”

Alexandra White: “Crisis, Place, Health, and Narrative in Oral Histories of Hurricane Katrina and the Chernobyl Disaster”

Katie Zheng: What We Want and How We Want It: Desire in Feng Xiaogang’s If You Are the One and Stephen Chow’s The Mermaid

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