The Institute for Comparative Literature and Society (ICLS) accepts both new and continuing PhD students to its Concentration and Certificate programs. Interested students must select ICLS at application or within the first two years of their PhD program.

New entering students apply directly to a participating degree program through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, clearly indicating their interest in Comparative Literature and Society on the indicated part of the GSAS Application Part 1. Continuing students who are interested in ICLS should contact the ICLS Director of Graduate Studies* or the ICLS administrative office for application information – continuing students who are interested in joining ICLS will be required to provide a 1-2 page description of their research interests and will also be required to confirm an ICLS-affiliated faculty member who has agreed to work with them. Applicants must be accepted to a PhD program in an affiliated department to be eligible for the ICLS Concentration or Certificate program.

All interested students must take the ICLS graduate introductory course, CPLS GR6100 (prior to Spring 2017, G4900): Introduction to Comparative Literature and Society, in the first year of graduate study, continuing students in the first year after admission. Social sciences, Architecture, and Law students have the option of taking it in the second year with the permission of the ICLS Director of Graduate Studies, if departmental requirements make it necessary. The main focus of PhD work may be either one or more linguistic and literary traditions or work in history, anthropology, art history or other affiliated Columbia departments and schools.

*ICLS Director of Graduate Studies

Brent Hayes Edwards

609 Philosophy Hall

Fall 2016 Office Hours:

  • Monday 9:30-11:30 and Tuesday 12-2