Students intending to seek admission to the Comparative Literature and Society major or concentration are encouraged to speak as soon as possible to the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), Prof. Rishi Goyal (

Students seeking admission to the Medicine, Literature and Society major track should also speak to Dr. Rishi Goyal, acting DUS and Director of Medicine, Literature and Society.

Students should also organize their course of study in order to complete the following admissions requirements by the end of the sophomore year:

  • Completion of two advanced-level literature/culture courses in a foreign language
  • Completion of at least four terms of study of a second foreign language, or two terms in each of two foreign languages (MLS majors speak to Rishi Goyal about this requirement.)
  • A GPA of at least 3.5
  • Registration in Introduction to Comparative Literature and Society (CPLS UN3900) in the spring semester of the sophomore year

The application worksheets outline the requirements for the CLS and MLS major tracks. The equivalent worksheet for the CLS concentration can also be downloaded below.

The worksheet should be submitted along with a focus statement of one to two pages. The focus is a period, theme, problematic, movement, etc. that the student proposes to explore from an interdisciplinary and/or a comparative perspective. The faculty understands that this statement is itself a work in progress, but also that it serves as a useful guide to the student’s academic pursuits and course selection. Prospective majors and concentrators are encouraged to consult with the DUS about the particulars of the focus statement or about any other aspect of the application process.

Applications to a major or concentration for the Class of 2021 are due Monday, January 7, 2019 by 5pmYou must email ONE COMPLETE COMBINED PDF (named your LASTNAME, First Name CLS or MLS app) that includes your application, focus statement, and transcripts to