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Is Health a Human Right? The European Perspective

After a short introduction where Mr. Panayotis Yatagantzidis will present some tentative definitions of the concept of human rights as delineated in different schools of thought, he will move towards a constitutional cartography of the right to health in nations-members of the European Union. Learn more »

Thinking with Balibar

This conference on “Thinking with Balibar” will explore the influence of Etienne Balibar's work, not paying tribute to Étienne Balibar per se, but showing how certain concepts, arguments, and methods that he applies in his work can be and are being used by scholars in different fields working on crucial issues of our time. The conference will thus be inspired by his work instead of being on is work. It marks the third and last year of Etienne's stint as a visiting professor at Columbia in the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society. He will also be speaking at the conference. Learn more »

Listen to past events on iTunes U

ICLS has two channels on iTunes U for free downloads, Rethinking the Human Sciences and ICLS Events. Visit our past events for direct links. Learn more »

The Humanities and the Sciences

ICLS Director Stathis Gourgouris discusses the sciences and the humanities, and the new Medicine, Literature, and Society major, in this Spectator article: Learn more »

Introducing the Psychoanalytic Studies Program

The Psychoanalytic Studies Program (PSP) is a non-clinical non-degree program that deals with the theory, application, and history of psychoanalytic thought and practice across a broad range of disciplines. Learn more »


Current and prospective undergraduate students are invited to attend this informational and social meeting.... Read more »

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