Alex Pekov
Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

I am a graduate student in Slavic Languages and Comparative Literature at Columbia University.
MA – Slavic and Jewish Studies – University of Heidelberg, Germany.
BA – Philosophy – Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia.
My research interests include primarily ex-Yugoslav literatures, the shaping of Sephardi identity after 1492, Sephardi literatures in the Balkans and Maghreb, literary representations of the Shoah in Eastern and Central Europe, écriture féminine, nostalgic narratives, postcolonial studies, diaspora studies, identity politics and post-identity discourses.

 The Heyman Center for the Humanities, Room B-101
74 Morningside Drive
New York, NY, 10027
  (212) 854-4541
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