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Video of this symposium’s three panels and closing plenary can be viewed on our Youtube Channel.

This symposium is open to academics, representatives of indigenous peoples’ organizations and nations, states, non-governmental organizations, and intergovernmental organizations.

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The “Global Justice for Indigenous Languages” Symposium at Columbia University in the City of New York on April 21, 2018, is part of the Sawyer Seminar on Global Language Justice funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, a two-year program initiated by the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society and implemented in collaboration with the Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Program at the Institute for the Study of Human Rights.

The program takes the social fact of the disappearance of languages—and the diversity of cultural lifeworlds these embody—as the occasion for a broader set of reflections on the question of language justice.

Our aim for the “Global Justice for Indigenous Languages” symposium is to bring to the forefront the critical work done by researchers, educators, institutions, organizations, and communities; work that is necessary to make meaningful headway in actualizing language justice. The symposium will be organized around the major topics of indigenous languages in education, language revitalization, and encouraging case studies. Participants will also be asked to contribute ideas and recommendations on steps forward and synergies towards justice for indigenous languages.