Courses that may be applied towards the satisfaction of degree requirements in Comparative Literature and Society are of three kinds:

CPLS courses are central to the ICLS academic program. These courses are offered either directly through the Institute or crosslisted from one of the Institute’s affiliated departments. CPLS courses housed at the Institute include the core courses, such as the mandatory undergraduate and graduate Introduction to Comparative Literature and Society courses, as well the Senior Seminar. The Institute’s CPLS courses also include courses designed as electives that are offered in a rotating basis and change each year depending on who is teaching. Courses offered in our affiliated departments that are crosslisted with the Institute are identified with the CPLS designator in our listings and may be used to fulfill CPLS elective requirements.

In addition, ICLS recognizes joint courses, which are discipline-based courses that are simultaneously oriented toward comparative work, translation studies, and interdisciplinary engagements with topics of interest to ICLS students. These courses are designated with combinations of letters, beginning with CL (for Comparative Literature) and followed by the letters of the discipline in which they are based, such as English, French, or History (CLEN, CLFR, CLHI, etc.).

Related courses may also be applied to the satisfaction of degree requirements; please be sure to consult with the Director of Graduate Studies or the Director of Undergraduate Studies for advice on choosing these courses, and ensuring that they are properly credited.

Course listings are subject to change, please check the Directory of Classes for current information.

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