This symposium will bring together philosophers, interpreters, and performers to discuss the role of linguistic diversity in their work as activists and academics. Panels will include:

  • “Interpreting on the Edge: Linguists in Conflict Zones” with Maya Hess, founder and CEO of Red T, an organization devoted to protecting translators and interpreters worldwide, and respondent Isabelle Zaugg, the Mellon-Sawyer Postdoctoral Fellow in Global Language Justice
  • “Towards a Philosophy of Linguistic Diversity and Rights” with philosophers Michele Moody-Adams and Akeel Bilgrami from Columbia, and anthropologist of language preservation Jane Anderson from NYU.
  • “No Otro Lado: Listening to the Border”: A listening party and artist talk with Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela, a conceptual reggaeton artist who will discuss her most recent album inspired by the increasing militarization of the Mexico-US border.

The recordings of this event have been uploaded to Apple Podcasts for listening. To access the podcasts click on the links below:

Michele Moody-Adams | Towards a Philosophy of Linguistic Diversity and Rights

Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela | No Otro Lado: Listening to the Border