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Friday, May 3rd (403 Kent)

Introduction: Anatoly Detwyler and Ulug Kuzuoglu

Keynote Speech by Bryna Goodman (University of Oregon)

“The Stock Exchange as a May Fourth Project? Liberal Governance, Market, and Globality” 6:00-7:30

Finance is not one of the usual May Fourth suspects. Nonetheless, economic metaphors, notions of property, visions of capital, and the state of the national economy were in various respects foundational to the conceptualization, definition, and elaboration of imported ideas of science and democracy. By examining connections between the May Fourth Movement and the subsequent unfolding of a Shanghai-centered financial bubble this talk explores some unanticipated pathways of translation, appropriation, adaptation, and mutation associated with the New Culture and May Fourth movements.

Wine § Cheese Reception 7:30-9:00


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