September 21-23, 2019

Decades of political struggle have made possible this International Congress on Discrimination Based on Work and Descent co-sponsored by The Inclusivity Project and Columbia’s South Asia Institute and the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society. The congress  will bring together parliamentarians, activists from national and international NGOs as well as leaders of communities affected by contemporary forms of slavery and discrimination. The problematic of discrimination based on work and descent—the UN terminology for caste discrimination–in the South Asian context will be considered alongside analogous forms of discrimination operative in Africa, Europe and Latin America.

The International Congress seeks to

  • initiate and strengthen the global network of communities who face discrimination based on work and descent.
  • create an action plan that attends to sustainable development goals in order to center the  social, political and economic concerns of those who face discrimination based on work and descent, particularly at the community level
  • elaborate an action plan for the United Nations and other international bodies calling for the adoption of a Declaration/Convention that recognizes the global scope of discrimination based on work and descent.