Nonhuman Empire and Its Afterlives


This panel examines the various linkages between South Asia and the nonhuman. The nonhuman–whether animal, vegetal, telluric/elemental/mineral/topographical, extra-terrestrial, monstrous, or spectral—has called into question colonial and postcolonial imaginative circuits, political formations, and bodily registers, creating new forms of ethical engagement and analysis. These papers continue this important inquiry and, through a range of methods, explore how the non-human, in its questioning and surpassing of given forms, helps us to grasp as well as unravel the coordinates that structure(d) empire and its afterlives.

With Parama Roy, Professor of English, UC Davis; Ezra Rashkow, Associate Professor of History, Montclair State University; and Naisargi Dave, Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Toronto. Moderated by Rajbir Judge, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, IRCPL.