Nicholas Croggon
Department of Art History & Archaeology

Nicholas Croggon is a PhD candidate in the Department of Art History & Archaeology at Columbia University, where he works on 20th century American and European art. His dissertation discusses the way new video technologies between 1968 and 1976 registered the crisis of American industrialism, and elucidates a network of practitioners at the intersection of art, architecture and the counterculture.

In 2014-15 he was named Turza Family Fellow, and in 2017-8 was the recipient of the AusArt Fellowship for Fine Arts. Nicholas graduated with first class honours in art history and law from the University of Melbourne, and is a co-founder and co-editor of the Australian contemporary art journal Discipline.

 The Heyman Center for the Humanities, Room B-101
74 Morningside Drive
New York, NY, 10027
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