2020 PhD Certificate in Comparative Literature and Society

May 27, 2020 – Achievements

Please join us in celebrating the 2019-2020 academic year’s recipients of the PhD Certificate in Comparative Literature and Society:

Shiv Subramaniam – (MESAAS/ICLS) – August 23, 2019

Title: Poetry’s Afterthought: Kalidasa and the Experience of Reading Sponsor: Sheldon Pollock

Matteo Pace (Italian/ ICLS) – August 26, 2019
Title: Of Poets and Physicians: Medical and Scientific Thought from the Sicilian School to Dante 1230-1300.
Sponsor: Teodolinda Barolini

Valerio Amoretti (English/ ICLS) – August 26, 2019
Title: The Psychic Work of Reading: Form and Unconscious Affect in the Wake of Modernism
Sponsor: Stathis Gourgouris

Sean O’Neil – (History/ICLS) – August 27, 2019
Title: The Art of Signs: Symbolic Notation and Visual Thinking in Early Modern Europe, 1600- 1800
Sponsor: Pamela Smith

Lei Lei (EALAC/ ICLS) – September 6, 2019
Title: Narrative Power and the New Human: Making the Revolutionaires in China, 1937-1945 Sponsor: Lydia Liu

Álvaro Lima (Art History and Archeology/ ICLS) – September 6, 2019 Title: Art in Mozambique at the End of Socialism
Sponsor: Zoe Strother

Manuel Shvartzberg Carrió (Architecture/ ICLS) – September 9, 2019
Title: Designing “Post-Industrial Society”: Settler Colonialism and Modern Architecture in Palm Springs, California, 1876-1977
Sponsor: Reinhold Martin

Naeem Mohaiemen (Anthropology/ICLS) – September 19, 2019 Title: Storming Heaven with Memories
Sponsor: David Scott

Dongxin Zou (EALAC/ ICLS) – September 20, 2019
Title: Socialist Medicine and Maoist Humanitarianism: Chinese Missions to Algeria, 1963-1984
Sponsor: Eugenia Lean

Allison DeWitt (Italian/ICLS) – September 30, 2019
Title: Visualizing Dante’s World: Geography, History, and Material Culture Sponsor: Teodolinda Barolini

Katherine Balkoski (French/ICLS) – October 21, 2019

Title: Car il y a beaucoup d’appelés, mais peu d’élus: Military Conscription in French Literary Representations of the Algerian War
Sponsor: Madeleine Dobie

Tommaso Manfredini (French/ICLS) – November 7, 2019
Title: The Multilingual Grammar of Illegalization: Law, Aesthetics, and Translation in the Central Mediterranean
Sponsor: Madeleine Dobie

Sohaib Khan (MESAAS/ICLS) – November 21, 2019
Title: Translating Capital: Islamic Law and the Making of Shari’a Compliance in Pakistan Sponsor: Wael Hallaq

Eliza Rose (Slavic/ICLS) – January 24, 2020
Title: Plein-Air Politics: Labor as Means, Matter and Milieu for the Arts, The People’s Republic of Poland (1965-1981)
Sponsor: Valentina Izmirlieva

Eugene Petracca (English/ICLS) – March 13, 2020
Title: Toward a Supreme Fiction: Dante, Chaucer, and the Dream of the Rose Sponsor: Christopher Baswell

Luca Provenzano (History/ICLS) – April 2, 2020
Title: Aural Under the Paving Stones: Militant Protest and Practices of State in France and the Federal Republic of Germany, 1968-1978
Sponsor: Samuel Moyn

Suzana Vuljevic (History/ICLS) – April 3, 2020
Title: The Crisis of Spirit: Pan-Balkan Idealism, Transnational Cultural Diplomatic Networks and Intellectual Cooperation in Interwar Southeast Europe, 1930-1941
Sponsor: Mark Mazower

Jonah Rowen (Architectural History and Theory/ICLS) – April 6, 2020
Title: Materials, Labor, and Apprehension: Building for the Threat of Fire Across the Nineteenth-Century British Atlantic
Sponsor: Reinhold Martin

Rebecca Pawel (English/ICLS) – April 10, 2020
Title: “Native, Yet Foreign”: Spain in the African American Imagination Sponsor: Brent Edwards

Taarini Mookherjee (English/ICLS) – April 20, 2020
Title: Desifying Shakespeare: Performing Contemporary India in Adaptations Sponsor: William Worthen

Christopher Peacock (EALAC/ICLS) – April 24, 2020

Title: Intersecting Nations, Diverging Discourses: The Fraught Encounter of Chinese and Tibetan Literatures in the Modern Era
Sponsor: Lydia Liu

Celia Abele (French/ICLS) – April 29, 2020
Title: Collecting Knowledge, Writing the World: An Enlightenment Project Sponsor: Joanna Stalnaker

Max Shmookler (MESAAS/ICLS) – May 6, 2020
Title: The Levantine Maqama before the Nahda and beyond the Novel, 1770’s-1850’s Sponsor: Gil Anidjar

Andrés García Molina (Music/ICLS) – May 14, 2020
Title: Aural economies and precarious labor: Street-vendor songs in Cuba Sponsor: Ana Maria Ochoa

Massimiliano Delfino (Italian/ICLS) – May 29, 2020
Title: Terrorism and the Body: Representations of Political Violence in Italian Film and Literature during the Early Anni di Piombo
Sponsor: Elizabeth Leake

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