A Note to ICLS Students from Professor Rishi Goyal

March 12, 2020 – Topics of Interest

Below is a letter sent to ICLS undergraduate students in light of the current COVID-19 response on campus. More information can be found on the University’s COVID website.

Dear ICLS Students,
I imagine that many of you are feeling degrees of confusion, anxiety and frustration. I wanted to write a short note in this unsettling period to express my sympathy.  We are here to help support you through the next few months as best as we can. I hope the messaging from the university has been clear and careful.
I will be holding Office Hours after the break at my regular times (Tuesdays from 10-12, heyman b106). I am also available for phone, zoom and emails chats.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us as needed. We will continue to broadcast relevant information as it comes in. And please do your best to support each other.
In health and solidarity,
Prof. Goyal

Rishi Goyal, MD PhD
Director, Medicine, Literature and Society
Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Columbia University Medical Center (in Medical Humanities and Ethics and the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society)
Adjunct Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities at the University of Southern Denmark
Co-Editor, Synapsis, https://medicalhealthhumanities.com/

 A list of other resources you may find helpful: 

 The Heyman Center for the Humanities, Room B-101
74 Morningside Drive
New York, NY, 10027
  (212) 854-4541
  (212) 854-3099