Building Solidarities: Racial Justice in the Built Environment Web/Podcast Series

April 6, 2021 – Topics of Interest

The web and podcasts for Building Solidarities: Racial Justice in the Built Environment, dialogues that sprang from Professor Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi’s (B+C Architecture / ICLS affiliated faculty) course “Colonial Practices” in Fall 2020, can now be found bellow.

Building Solidarities is a form of mutual pedagogy between the campus and the public, through dialogues on urgent questions about constructed environments, urban life, and ecologies. Building Solidarities: Racial Justice in the Built Environment foregrounds the communities of Minneapolis, Nairobi, and New York, in dialogues between students, activists, artists, and academics. While building mutual solidarities between our campus and our partners, we aim to extend the political imaginaries, community futures, and solidarities that our partners may build with each other. As we study racial and environmental complexities and injustices, we remain vigilantly reflexive about the relationship between our campus and our neighbors, in Harlem and elsewhere.

 Institutional Inhabitations 

Guests: Joy Mboya, Garnette Oluoch-Olunya, Sahasra Sambamoorthi, and Keisha Brown

On structuring cultural institutions and critical communities of black-brown solidarity in the African and South Asian diasporas of Nairobi and New York.

The GoDown Arts Centre

Navatman on YouTube

Research Guide

Building Historical Consciousness 

Guests: Chris Cornelius, Elsa Hoover, and Nick Estes 

Indigenous thinking on infrastructure and architecture as sites for historical consciousness and contemporary creative practice in North America. 

The Red Nation podcast

Research Guide

Monumental Landscapes 

Guests: Kate Beane, Lydia Muthuma, and Bhakti Shringarpure 

A consideration of landscapes of monumentality through iconoclasm, replacement, and renaming of built and natural structures in Nairobi and Minneapolis. 


Research Guide

Environmental Reclamations 

Guests: Alishine Osman, Anisa Salat, and Huma Gupta 

Environmental diasporas and ecological reclamation in the ‘Somalias’ of Dadaab, Minneapolis, and Mogadishu. 

Jadaliyya, “Environment in Context” ( Environment page)

Status podcast

Research Guide

Dialogues led by

Professor Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi, B+C Architecture / ICLS affiliated faculty

Kojo Abudu, CU Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Modern Art, Critical and Curatorial Studies

Maya Bickel, CC Middle Eastern, South Asian, & African Studies

Aishah Bostani, CC Architecture

Gabriel Garon, CC Comparative Literature and Society / Medicine, Literature and Society

Joseph Gedeon, CU Journalism, Master of Arts

Nur Jabarin, CU GSAPP, Critical, Curatorial, & Conceptual Practices in Architecture

Mai Morsy, CC Architecture / Visual Arts

Samuel Needleman, CC History / Pre-Law / Hispanic Studies

Dora O’Neill, CC Comparative Literature and Society

Amber Officer-Narvasa, CU GSAPP, Critical, Curatorial, & Conceptual Practices in Architecture

Mahum Qazi, CU MESAAS, Master of Arts

Javairia Shahid, CU GSAPP and ICLS, Ph.D.

Christopher Taktak, CU Urban Studies

Noa Weiss, BC History and Theory of Architecture / Dance

Athena Wyatt, CU Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, American Studies


Events coordinated by

Rachel Garcia-Grossman, BC+CC Architecture

Ada Jiang, BC Art History


Series sponsored by

Office of the Provost, Barnard College

Institute of Comparative Literature and Society, Columbia University

Barnard and Columbia Colleges Department of Architecture

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