Watch the Class of 2020 Senior Thesis Interviews!

May 27, 2020 – Topics of Interest

Due to the global pandemic and social distancing, we were not able to host our annual Senior Thesis Presentation event. However, some of our graduates agreed to team up to interview each other on their senior theses. Enjoy!

Jasmine Bar (MLS major, CC’20) interviewed Ruthy Amkraut (MLS major, CC’20) on her senior thesis, “Curing Homosexuality: Queerness and Illness in 20th Century Western Literature,” faculty advisor Arden Hegele.

Daniela Apodaca (CLS major, CC’20) interviewed Sahana Priyadarshini Naarayanan on her senior thesis, “Mirroring the Modal: Bhāvanā, Rasa, and Subjectivity in Jazz Improvisation,” faculty advisor Tyler M. Richard.

Kyra Ann Dawkins (MLS major, CC’20) interviews Jemima Fregene (MLS major, CC’20) on her senior thesis, “Sickle Cell Anemia, Where Are We Now?: The Underuse of Hydroxyurea and Slowed Research and Development Progress in Sickle Cell Anemia,” faculty advisor Samuel K Roberts.

Sahana Priyadarshini Narayanan (CLS major, CC’20) interviews Daniella Apodaca (CLS major, CC’20) on her senior thesis, “La Plus Clairvoyante: Political Visions and Feminist Strategies in the Works of Leonora Carrington,” faculty advisor Victoria Rosen.

Kyra Ann Dawkins (MLS major, CC’20) interviewed Jesse Martinez-Kratz (CLS major, CC’20) on his senior thesis, “Wind, Water, Tears: An Exploration of the Unconscious and Anxieties Expressed in La Llorona,” with faculty advisor Claudio Lomnitz.

Emmaline Bennett (CLS major ’20) interviews Naazanene Vatan (MLS major ’20) on her senior thesis entitled: “Literary Conceptions of an Epistemic Genre: Narrative and Agency in 18th– and 19th-century Obstetric Case Histories.” advised by Arden Hegele, English and Comparative Literature and ICLS.

Nazaanene Vatan (MLS major ’20) interviews to Emmaline Bennett (CLS major ’20) on her senior thesis entitled The Exile Writer as “Absurd Creator”: Death, Literature, and Identity in Anna Segher’s Transit, advised by Mark Anderson, Germanic Languages

[See this post for full list of our Class of 2020 Senior Thesis.]


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