Marianne Hirsch’s “School Photos in Liquid Time” reviewed in Los Angeles Review of Books

November 5, 2020 – Topics of Interest

English Professor Marianne Hirsch’s latest book, School Photos in Liquid Time: Reframing Difference, co-authored with Leo Spitzer, was reviewed in the Los Angeles Review of Books.

EVERY NEW PUBLICATION from Marianne Hirsch and Leo Spitzer is an event to be welcomed and read with deep attention. When we encounter their co-authored work — on memorial objects, witness testimonies, photographs, and family secrets — we are given a triple dose of insight, fine-tuned historical research, and transformative close readings of freighted images. Their latest book, School Photos in Liquid Time: Reframing Difference, is no different. The key, in the musical sense, is deeply affecting, even as we come away in a renewed state of shock at the psychic violence enacted in the name of nation, empire, and the modern intolerance of difference.

To read more, visit the Los Angeles Review of Books.

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