Pamela Smith’s Making and Knowing Project Wins Eugene S. Ferguson Prize

November 18, 2019 – Achievements

Historian and ICLS faculty Pamela H. Smith’s Making and Knowing Project (a Center for Science and Society Research Cluster) has been awarded the Eugene S. Ferguson Prize by the Society for the History of Technology in recognition of the Project’s upcoming Digital Critical Edition.

The Eugene S. Ferguson Prize is awarded by the Society for an outstanding and original reference work that supports future scholarship in the history of technology. Many, many hands (over 300 students, postdocs, expert practitioners, computer scientists, digital humanists, and scholars from many disciplines) worked on the creation of the Project’s open-access, digital critical Edition and English translation of the late sixteenth-century French technical manuscript, Fr. 640, held by the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

For a full list of awardees, please visit the 2019 Award and Fellowships article. Congratulations to Pamela and her team!

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