April 9, 2019


Heyman Center for the Humanities, Common Room

6:15 pm – 8:00 pm

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Marianne Mason, with funding from the American Council of Learned Societies/ACLS (Fellow ’18), is currently working on a project entitled: Language at the Center of the American Justice System. In this presentation, Mason examines legal institutions’ historical interpretation and enforcement of linguistic actions invoking constitutional rights; laypersons’ knowledge of how discourse is used to achieve linguistic goals in institutional settings; and the effect of Miranda case law on police-layperson custodial exchanges. Mason argues that despite the role of discourse in shaping legal outcomes, the validity and widely accepted use of linguistic analysis to understand a legal process is yet to be fully and uniformly embraced by the courts and those who enforce the law.

Marianne Mason, James Madison University

Visiting Scholar, Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, Columbia University

Visiting Scholar, Center for Access to Justice, College of Law, Georgia State University

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