March 1, 2016


Common Room,
The Heyman Center

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

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The Bandung Humanism Project is made possible with the support from the Center for the Study of Social Difference

As part of our Bandung Humanism initiative, we are pleased to present this screening of Pankaj Butalia’s documentary followed by a discussion of the conflicts on the periphery of India with the filmmaker.

The Textures of Loss

Director: Pankaj Butalia

61 minutes – 2013 – colour – HDV – Documentary

Two decades of violence in Kashmir has left the valley devastated.  Every family silently nurses its deep wounds. Women have lost husbands, fathers, sons and brothers. Children grow up in an environment of deep depression and young men do not see any future for themselves. “The Textures of Loss” is an elegy to the wounded Kashmir valley. The loss of loved ones manifests itself not only in pain, but also in anger, somatic symptoms, paralysis and deadness. The film dwells on some of these responses.

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