The Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes (CHCI) has awarded Prof. Anupama Rao a Global Humanities Institutes 2023 Award for her project “Global Racisms, Cold War Humanism, and the Imagination of Just Futures.”

“Global Racisms” is a Global Humanities Institute that draws on the strong transnational resonance of the Black Lives Matter movement and the compelling responses of global communities across distinct demographics and colonial histories to reflect more broadly on the global reach and relevance of humanistic scholarship on the study of subaltern pasts. The main institute meeting was held in Delhi, India from December 10-22, 2023. View December’s program here. 

From December 10-22, investigative teams from the four partnering universities gathered in Delhi, India for a twelve-day InstituteSessions addressed the theme of the Institute using a broad range of perspectives and methodologies. The Institute consisted of plenary lectures, workshops, site visits, and artistic events. Early career scholars received mentoring from senior scholars. The working language for the Institute wad primarily English.

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